Environmental Stewardship

Our quality of life depends on our environment. Protecting it and conserving our beautiful scenic heritage is a top priority. Joe is an environmental steward and has a proven track record in every office he held.

When Joe was Executive Director of the NYS Bridge Authority:

  • Developed a public-private partnership to construct a 1,332 solar panel array to generate 26% of the Bridge Authority’s electricity, producing 486 kilowatt hours and reducing CO2 emissions by 356 metric tons annually.
  • Converted all of the Authority’s bridge facilities lighting to LED, ultimately reducing energy costs by 50%.

When Joe was Wappinger Town Supervisor:

  • Created a power purchase agreement where 20% of town government’s energy is from wind power.
  • Opened the Town of Wappinger recycling center to reduce pollution at no service charge to residents.
  • Passed the Greenway Compact Law, along with nearly 30 environmental laws, that improved site plan development, incorporated smart growth planning principles, and provided architectural reviews and standards.
  • Passed the wetlands protection law that closed the gap between federal and state wetlands laws. It was the toughest wetlands protection law in Dutchess County.
  • Protected hundreds of acres for open space and farmland preservation.
  • Provided curbside bulk spring pick up for town residents.
  • Initiated town beautification and town hamlet designation program.

Ensure Public Health and Water Protections
Protecting the public is government’s first priority.
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