Tax Relief Through Responsible Fiscal Management

Dutchess working families struggle. It’s time to provide tax relief we can feel, NOT smoke and mirror gimmicks.

When Joe was the Executive Director of the NYS Bridge Authority:

  • The Bridge Authority was in fiscal crisis, less than $5 million in bridge and road maintenance reserve funds for $1.5 billion in assets.
  • Provided commuters with the lowest tolls in the nation and became the only public authority not to receive any subsidies.
  • Initiated and expanded alternative revenue sources, including leasing broadband fiber over the bridges, generating millions in non-toll revenue for the Bridge Authority.
  • Reaffirmed the Bridge Authority’s strong bond rating, which is among the highest in the nation.
  • Saved millions by refinancing the Bridge Authority’s debt.

When Joe was Assistant Comptroller of the State of New York:

  • Provided families financial security by establishing a compliance unit for the retirement system, ensuring greater pension integrity.
  • Saved taxpayers money by encouraging local governments to share services.

When Joe was Town Supervisor of the Town of Wappinger:

  • Passed tax breaks for seniors and veterans, and allowed seniors to deduct medical costs.
  • Provided relief to hundreds of residential property owners going through mortgage refinancing by passing the Shed Amnesty Law.
  • Saved taxpayers money by creating a shared services agreement with the Town of Fishkill for a shared assessor for ten years.
  • Protected taxpayers and saved money by maintaining the town’s strong bond rating.

Our campaign will soon announce plans to provide further REAL relief to Dutchess families.

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